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The One Where I Forgot Self Care

I have a confession to make. I forget self care sometimes.

This happens to everyone at some point. Yep, even the therapist. The one who knows what we’re supposed to do, the one who teaches self care. It snuck up on me and hit me like a freight train.

We’re all busy these days. We push and push, trying to make sure that everything gets done for our bosses, our families, getting our kids where they need to be, rushing to meetings, making deadlines.

It gets overwhelming.

In the middle of all this, our minds and our bodies are humming away, working hard and pushing for us to be able to complete all of these tasks. We’re often feeding ourselves less than ideal fuel to keep going and over time, we feel it.

I had been pushing myself to meet other therapists, working at my agency and building my practice. I’d just finished being part of an awesome conference motivating young girls to take charge of their lives, and I had made some great connections to folks in the community. I really felt like things were starting to move.

But I wasn’t listening. I wasn’t listening to my own body.

There was an alarm going off telling me that my battery was getting low, and I better plug in and recharge, or I was going to crash.

Does that visual sound familiar? Do you ever feel like you aren’t that different from your cell phone, needing to be recharged after being on the go for a long time? It’s really a pretty accurate comparison. Think about it.

We can only go so long on the energy we have before we have to recharge. We have to refuel. Rest. Plug in.

Recharge your battery.

Whether you are a mom, a sibling, a child…in a profession where you care for others…whatever your role may be, take time to step back and plug in to recharge your battery.

If you are worn out, absolutely exhausted, not able to think clearly, can you truly give your best to those in your care? At the very least, it will be difficult.

You’ll be a better caregiver when you take care of you. It’s true. Take a moment to reflect on that.

Schedule yourself some time for self care. It will go a long way to benefit not just you, but those in your care. Viewing it that way helps it not feel selfish (because it’s not).

So as I reflect on all this, I’m reminded of how important to practice my own self care. I can only be the best version of me if I choose to put myself first sometimes. I have to do this so that I can stay healthy and be fully present for my clients and others in my care.

And on that note, I sit hear listening to the sound of my children laughing, birds chirping outside, and am reminded to be thankful for days like today when I can practice self care and be present for myself.

How do you practice self care and make time for you? Do you make it a priority or does it slip to the back? I’d love to read your comments below!

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