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5 Exercises for Lazy People

I am the busiest lazy person I know.

Or the laziest busy person. I can’t figure out which one, actually.

I don’t do a strict, preplanned, go to the gym, remember-to-lay-out-my-workout-gear routine. I have more of a “I have 7 minutes before my next client, so I can go to the bathroom and do some stretches in my office” kind of routine. And that doesn’t work out sometimes.

So I came up with a list of sneaky little tricks.

I work these into my day that help me get in at least a little extra calorie burn. Granted, this isn’t going to get you “super sexy abs” or a “bouncy boosted booty,” but it’s better than nothing.

I encourage you to do your best to fit some sort of regular exercise into your schedule, but in the event you don’t (or even if you do), these tricks could make a difference.

5 Exercises for Lazy People

  1. Go shopping (focus on engaging abs) – walk with a purpose. As you walk, wherever you go, try to engage your core muscles. By engaging your core muscles, you are creating a stable base for your spine, supporting the center of your body. Engaging your core muscles is actually different than you may be thinking. It’s not the same as “sucking in your gut.” Try making yourself cough or laugh. That same sensation in your abdomen and sides is the feeling you want to have in your core – that feeling of a strong ring around your middle.
  2. Watch T.V. (sit on fitness ball) – engages abs/core muscles. Again, you’re working those core muscles, but with little/no effort. While sitting on the ball, you are constantly forced to balance, although it feels very simple to do. Your core muscles are engaged, helping you balance, and this ongoing work helps strengthen them over time.
  3. Sit in traffic (butt squeezes) – time with the music. I know, it sounds silly, but it is really an easy move to do. You won’t be noticeable to others (unless you really have strong booty muscles), but you will be going up and down a bit in your seat. Simply squeeze your tush muscles together on every other beat of the music on your radio for as long as you can. For an extra level, try holding the squeeze for several beats before releasing. Do this several times on your ride.
  4. Slow down (slow and intentional, or use big movements) – slow stairs, lunge to different locations. Do this at your comfort level. Imagine yourself as if you were almost moving in slow motion. Going up or down stairs as slowly as possible will engage your leg, butt and core muscles. You can also do lunges as you walk down your hall (I’m thinking doing this in public could draw attention, but hey, go with it if you are comfortable!) and do them as slowly as possible for the most benefit.5 Exercises
  5. Stand when you can – working, computer, etc. Standing rather than sitting burns more calories. Really. Just standing. It’s that simple. You are naturally moving, even if it’s just a little bit. So you are balancing, shifting, using a bit of core and leg muscles.

So the next time you are thinking you don’t have time to work out, refer to this list.

If you are walking, sitting, driving, working, basically if you are awake, you have time to do some sort of exercise.

No more excuses. Let’s do this!

What are some other “lazy ways” that you can think of to sneak in some exercise throughout your day? Le me know in the comment below!!

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