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What is a Life Coach?

Are you struggling to move forward in a particular area of your life? Maybe you are stuck in a dead end job, an unfulfilling relationship, or you’re trying to decide whether or not to return to school.


.A life coach can help guide you toward making the tough decisions You may then be able to face life situations and open a dialogue that allows you to see that you already have the tools you need to succeed, even if there may be barriers in your way of getting to use them.

Some examples of benefits from life coaching are:

1. Improving on your strengths and building upon your weakness. I am a natural introvert. Get me in a room full of people, and I am liable to get sick. However, I recently participated in a conference that made me think (I’m the expert here! Not my audience. So what if I screw up once in a while. I’m human. I make honest mistakes. We all do.

2. Empowering and guiding you toward recognizing that you are in control

3. Partnering with your coach who will offer encouragement, support and feedback to you as you make necessary changes to move forward toward your goals

4. Challenging negative thoughts that impact self doubt and often lead to discouragement and fear about your goals.

As you can see, coaching can offer many options for someone that wishes to work on a specific problem, rather than addressing an ongoing mental health diagnosis. Intervention from a life coach can often open doors for those who fear the concept of therapy, in that the stigma of going to counseling is released

I’d love to know if you or anyone you know has had experience with using a life coach. What was your experience? Was it as much of a help as you had hoped, or was it a disappointment? Let me know in the comments!

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