Bariatric Surgery Support

And my Gastric Bypass Story

A lot more goes into choosing to have bariatric surgery than what is addressed by your surgeon. In an ideal situation, you will have a team that includes a therapist or psychologist. I am a bariatric surgery patient as well as a therapist, and I had the procedure in January 2005. After the surgery, I discovered that there was much more to the process than just “losing weight.”

Why You Need Individual Bariatric Surgery Support

  • Accepting a new lifestyle can be emotional. There are skills to help manage that.
  • Group support (which is necessary for ongoing success) offers little opportunity to process emotions, no one-on-one time.
  • The brain goes through changes we can’t see, and understanding that helps take the shame of emotions off of you.

    I believe that my experience as a bariatric surgery patient gives me a unique perspective as a therapist to guide you as you navigate your journey. During my 12 years of the journey, I've encountered:

  • The excitement that comes in the first few months, when the weight is coming off and it feels like nothing can get you down
  • Set backs, physically and emotionally, that show up when you least expect it
  • Issues with family and friends who question you, don't support you, and sometimes don't stick around and think "you've changed."
  • Feeling like something was wrong when the "honeymoon" period was over - the weight loss plateaus, the excitement settles, and the emotions that I had been numbing out with food and hiding from for so long weren't fixed...I still wasn't "happy."

If you are ready to discover what I have, that there is more to this journey than just losing weight, that bariatric surgery is not going to solve all your problems and that there is still work to be done to discover the WHY behind how we got to this point in the first place, then I am here.

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