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3 Ways to Sideline Your Stress

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your job, the laundry, the kids' practice schedule... know...LIFE?


What if you were able to feel more control over the chaos? Better able to handle the stress and pressure of all the different directions you're being pulled?

Here are 3 ways to master your mindset and sideline your stress:

  1. Streamline your schedulemake a list and see what you can group together. Are there errands that can be done in one trip? Can you do a few while the kids are at practice? How about throwing dinner in the slow cooker while you're at work. We're not talking multitasking here. This is working smarter, not harder.
  2. Embrace your imperfectionnone of us get everything right EVERY time. Sometimes you may miss a deadline, or forget to pick up dinner...or the kids...not that I've ever done that. Regardless, embrace it. We make mistakes, we survive, we move forward. If we can't change it, we don't gain anything from continuing to focus on it. So what do we do? We move on to #3...
  3. Practice Self Compassionthere are several things to know about self compassion. Be kind to yourself and allow time for bumps in the road that derail your best laid plans. Acknowledge that you're human! We're all going to need time to recharge – don't let it be an afterthought! Taking care of the caregiver means we can continue caring for others.

Use these 3 tips to regain control and get headed in the right direction. And don't give up!

Do you have your own tips or tricks to sideline stress when you get overwhelmed? I'd love to hear about it!

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Digging Deep Within a Crisis of Confidence

Confidence is something most of us struggle to balance. Today, I am sharing a guest post with you from Dr. Joanne Royer of Change Agent and Associates. Joanne has a special interest in this subject as she coaches women through their “crisis of confidence” and her desire to empower women, build better self esteem and help them realize their full potential is what draws me to identify with her work. I hope you enjoy, and please check out her site and show her some love! read more

Why I (Sometimes) Ignore My Doctor

I don’t always follow my doctor’s advice.

I know that he’s trained to do his job. I know that he’s got years of experience healing the sick, helping the hurt, and finding answers. Sometimes, though, I think I know myself better than him.

Yep, I said it. Sometimes I know better.

Technically, I am overweight. My doctor would say that my BMI (body mass index) is above what it should be for someone my height. Based on what he says, I’m about 20 pounds heavier than I should be. read more

What is a Life Coach?

Are you struggling to move forward in a particular area of your life? Maybe you are stuck in a dead end job, an unfulfilling relationship, or you’re trying to decide whether or not to return to school.

.A life coach can help guide you toward making the tough decisions You may then be able to face life situations and open a dialogue that allows you to see that you already have the tools you need to succeed, even if there may be barriers in your way of getting to use them. read more

4 Ways to Improve Empowerment Right Now

When we are young, we are taught to share.


To be kind to others. To give without asking anything in return. For some, those concepts get skewed into a sense of powerlessness and we allow people to start to take advantage of our kind hearts and willingness to help.


So how do we regain a sense of empowerment without feeling that we are becoming selfish? First, we have to wrap our minds around the idea that being “empowered” is not the same as being “in power.” read more

5 Natural Ways to Fight Depression

Winter always makes me long for the beach.

I hear the crash of the waves on the shore, the cry of the gull in the sky, and the laughter of my children on the sand. I feel the warmth of the sun on my skin, I smell the scent of sunscreen on the breeze and taste the salt in the air.

When I open my eyes, however, it’s winter. And cold. And dreary. read more

6 Tips to Boost Self Esteem

I stood on the stage in front of 300 other females.

I was nervous. I was on display. I am not a big fan of speaking in front of others, and there I was, charged with appearing as an expert on the topic I was presenting.

It was a conference for teen girls on body image and self esteem.

Throughout my childhood and on into my 20’s, I had a significant weight problem. I would allow my own fears of being judged and my own shame to keep me from pursuing many activities. I had experienced weight-shaming and name-calling growing up, and it had taken a toll on my own self esteem. read more

5 Exercises for Lazy People

I am the busiest lazy person I know.

Or the laziest busy person. I can’t figure out which one, actually.

I don’t do a strict, preplanned, go to the gym, remember-to-lay-out-my-workout-gear routine. I have more of a “I have 7 minutes before my next client, so I can go to the bathroom and do some stretches in my office” kind of routine. And that doesn’t work out sometimes. read more

How to Stock a Healthy Pantry

I tried to blame it on the kids.

The toaster pastries were theirs. If it wasn’t for them, those jelly-filled bakery tarts would have never entered my house (yeah, right). But there they were, sitting front-and-center in the pantry, taunting me.

And here I am, knowing that even if I close the door, I’d still know they were there. read more