Body Image and Self Esteem Support

When you describe yourself, what kind of words do you use? Are they negative or positive? The answer to this question tells a lot about your body image and self esteem.

Body image and Self esteem both relate to how you think of yourself. When your body image and self esteem are good, you feel good about yourself, your successes. You can view the times that things didn't go your way as opportunities for growth. When your body image and self esteem are low, your opinion about yourself is negative. You see others as being more intelligent, more respected, more attractive. You view your opinions as non-important.

Negative body image and self esteem can cause several emotional problems.

   -  Depression about how others see you
   -  Anxiety about sharing opinions
   - Fear of being judged by others
   - Anger regarding not feeling more secure

There are several ways to improve your body image and self esteem.

   -  List your accomplishments, even small ones
   - Take time to take care of YOU (it's really not selfish)
   - Stop and think (notice when you are being negative)
   - Learn new skills to cope

Many of our ideas about our bodies come from images in the media. In fact, statistics show that there are 12 women in the world that meet the criteria for the "ideal" model body. Almost all of those women qualify as clinically anorexic. Not exactly the body image we should be seeking. A healthy body image is one that makes us happy to be who we are, and it's one that we don't really think about. Having comfort in our body helps improve our self esteem, which is a true sign of beauty!

There are many skills you can learn to help improve your body image and self esteem. Having a professional on your side to guide you on how to start using them can really help you understand the process. Once you've learned these tools and feel comfortable taking the steps, you will be on your way to a happier, more positive you.

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