Insurance & Fees

Insurance Coverage and Fees for Services

Individual Psychotherapy Session (45-50 minutes) - $100

Women's Groups (60-90 minutes) - $150 per month ($25-30 per weekly group)

If you would like to use your insurance for services:

insurance for counseling

I am an In Network Provider for:


Aetna Insurance

I am also in negotiations with several other insurance companies to become an In Network Provider. In the meantime, I am considered Out of Network and can help you file for possible reimbursement from your insurance provider. While you will need to initially pay your full fee up front, most insurance companies will reimburse you for the amount covered for an Out of Network provider.

**Please make sure that you bring your insurance card with you to your first session. If you are not the primary insured on the policy, make sure you know the birthday of the primary insured as well.

What you need to know when figuring out how much your insurance will cover for therapy:

  1. Is there a deductible you have to meet? How much of it is left for the year?
  2. Do you have a copay or do you pay co-insurance (a percentage) for services?
  3. Do you need to get prior authorization for receiving therapy services?

When you sign up for a FREE consultation, one of the forms I will send you will guide you through the steps to gather all of the information you need so that there won't be any financial surprises when it comes to using your insurance.

Contact me today to grab your spot - we can look at what therapy options will work best for you and start your path to a healthier life!